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Prof. Krishnaswamy describes a novel technique to achieve high-frequency non-reciprocity based on synchronized conductivity modulation and the world’s first mmWave CMOS passive non-reciprocal circulator. ​
Prof. Krishnaswamy and Negar Reiskarimian describe CoSMIC lab’s recent breakthrough in achieving non-reciprocity and the first passive non-reciprocal circulator on a CMOS IC.
CoSMIC lab demonstrates a wireless imaging system using Linxiao’s MIMO receiver array IC with spatial notch suppression.
CoSMIC Lab demonstrates the world’s first mm-Wave same-channel full-duplex wireless link using Tolga’s 60GHz 45nm SOI CMOS full-duplex transceiver IC.

CoSMIC lab’s packaged 45GHz 45nm SOI CMOS ELASTx Class-E PA replaces a GaAs PA in a Northrop Grumman SATCOM LCT demo.