Three CoSMIC lab papers accepted to the 2020 ISSCC

“Congratulations to Negar, Mohammad, Aravind, Sohail, Ali and Armagan for having their papers accepted to ISSCC.

Aravind Nagulu, Tingjun Chen, G. Zussman and Harish Krishnaswamy, “Non-Magnetic 180nm SOI Circulator with Multi-Watt Power Handling Based on Switched Capacitor Clock Boosting,” to appear in IEEE ISSCC 2020.

Mohammad Khorshidian, Negar Reiskarimian and Harish Krishnaswamy, “High-Performance Isolators and Notch Filters Based on N-Path Negative Transresistance” to appear in IEEE ISSCC 2020.

R. Garg, G. Sharma, A. Binaie, S. Jain, S. Ahasan, A. Dascurcu, H. Krishnaswamy, A. Natarajan “A 28GHz 4-element MIMO Beam-space Array in 65nm CMOS with Simultaneous Spatial Filtering and Single wire Frequency-Domain Multiplexing” to appear in IEEE ISSCC 2020.

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