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Welcome to the Columbia high-Speed and Millimeter-wave IC Lab!

The Columbia high-Speed and Millimeter-wave IC (CoSMIC) lab was founded in 2009 and explores a diverse set of research topics related to integrated circuits and systems. Our research spans a wide range of frequencies, from radio-frequencies to millimeter-wave, terahertz and optical frequencies, and a broad set of applications, including communications, imaging, and sensing. We are generally interested in any system that integrates a diverse set of (multi-)physical technologies, pushes the boundaries of complexity and performance, and is able to have a transformative impact on existing applications or pioneer new applications.


Transformative RF/mm-Wave Circuits, Wireless Systems and Sensing Paradigms

Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy’s seminar on Transformative RF/mm-Wave Circuits, Wireless Systems and Sensing Paradigms as a part of NYU Wireless & ECE Special Seminar Series.

Fully-Integrated Non-Magnetic 180nm SOI Circulator Demo

Nagulu goes into technical detail of the Fully-Integrated Non-Magnetic 180nm SOI Circulator with >1W P1dB and high isolation across 1.85VSWR specifications.

Millimeter-wave Circulator on a Chip

World’s first mmWave CMOS circulator based on synchronized conductivity modulation.

IC Circulator: Breaking Through to High Speed Full Duplex Communication

World’s first CMOS passive non-reciprocal circulator.

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Recent News

Ahmed is in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science List

Three CoSMIC lab papers accepted to the 2020 ISSCC

Mahmood defended his PhD thesis!

Mohammad receives an EE MS Award of Excellence

Negar wins the Jury award from the EE department

Negar defended her thesis!

Aravind has won the 2019 IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship!

Aravind wins a 2019 ADI ISSCC Outstanding Student Designer Award

Aravind and Mahmood receive IEEE SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Awards

DARPA SPAR Demo at the DARPA MTO RF Showcase

CoSMIC lab wins an award under the DARPA MIDAS program

Two CoSMIC lab papers accepted to the 2019 ISSCC

Prof. Krishnaswamy wins the 2019 IEEE MTT-S Outstanding Young Engineer Award

CoSMIC lab joins the UCSB-led ComSenTer, an SRC-DARPA JUMP center investigating communications and sensing at THz

FlexICoN demo wins Creative Technology Award from the NYC Media Lab

EE Times Story on the IMS 5G Summit Panel

Aravind wins 2018 RFIC Symposium Best Student Paper Award – 1st Place

Negar will join MIT EECS as a tenure-track Assistant Professor

Negar selected as a DARPA Riser for the DARPA 60th Anniversary Symposium

New $22.5M grant under the NSF PAWR program

CoSMIC lab is part of a new $7.5M MURI from AFOSR

PA work featured on DARPA’s 60 year timeline

Nature Electronics News and Views paper is out

Mahmood wins a 2018 ADI ISSCC Outstanding Student Designer Award

Linxiao wins the 2017 ISSCC Best Demo Award

Negar is in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science List

MTT mm-Wave Hardware-Roadmap Coordinating Committee

CoSMIC Lab is a part of a new large $10.8M NIH U01 grant

Jahnavi’s ultra-low-noise RF PLL paper is accepted to ISSCC 2018

MixComm Inc. to commercialize CoSMIC Lab advanced wireless research

New Nature Communications paper is out

Negar wins the prestigious Paul Baran Young Scholar Award

Negar selected to attend the 2017 EECS Rising Star Workshop

CoSMIC lab is awarded a Columbia RISE grant

Prof. Krishnaswamy will serve on the DARPA MEC

Tolga wins the Jury award from the EE department

CoSMIC lab is part of a new DARPA EXTREME award

Negar has won the 2017 IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship!

Negar is selected as a 2017 Caltech Young Investigator Lecturer

CoSMIC Lab featured on IEEE Spectrum 5G article and video

Prof. Krishnaswamy appointed IEEE SSCS Distinguished Lecturer

Negar wins a 2018 ADI Outstanding Student Designer Award

Our work on circulators is top #10 for 2016 on Eurekalert

Negar wins the 2016-2017 SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award

Jeffrey wins a 2016 EGSC Professional Development Scholarship

New $1.8M grant under the DARPA SPAR program

Five papers accepted to ISSCC 2017

FlexICoN’s demo gets Honorable Mention Award at NYC Media Lab

Jahnavi selected as an MIT-CMU 2016 EECS Rising Star!

CoSMIC lab receives a large $2M NSF EFRI program

CoSMIC lab receives a large DARPA program on chip-scale electro-optical LIDAR systems

IEEE Spectrum article on full-duplex is out

Prof. Krishnaswamy to teach course at University of Oulu, Finland.

Jin Zhou accepts a tenure-track position at UIUC ECE

Negar’s circulator research is cited in the Wikipedia entry on circulators!

Research and Teaching Awards

Negar won a 2016 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Novel Miniaturization Circulator Opens Way to Doubling Wireless Capacity

Staggered Commutation and World’s First Passive Circulator in CMOS

Negar’s paper is published in Nature Communications!

FlexICoN’s demo featured in the Columbia Data Science Day press release

Tolga won the 2016 IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship

Analog and RF Interference Mitigation for Digital MIMO Arrays Invited Paper

Linxiao’s ISSCC 2016 paper is highlighted in ISSCC press kit!

Prof. Krishnaswamy to teach course at IIT Madras as a part of the GIAN

Jin’s research is featured on Columbia SEAS 2015 Year-in-Review

Jin Zhou wins 2015-2016 SSCS Predoctoral Achievement Award!

Two papers are accepted to IEEE ISSCC 2016!

Our research is discussed in articles on 5gwnews.com and MIT Technology Review.

CoSMIC lab receives funding under the NSF EARS program

Our research on full duplex wireless is featured on Network World

Tolga Dinc wins Best Student Paper Award -1st Place at the 2015 IEEE RFIC Symposium

Jeffrey Chuang wins 2015 Jacob Millman Prize for Excellence in Teaching Assistance

Jin’s ISSCC 2015 paper is highlighted in the ISSCC press kit!

Jin Zhou and Jelena Marasevic received a 2015 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

A story covering Jin’s research is published on the IEEE Spectrum blog

Jin and Tolga selected to present their research at the Bell Labs Nobel Prize celebration.

Tolga’s RFIC paper is nominated for the Best Student Paper Award.

Jin’s recent ISSCC 2015 paper is covered extensively in the press

Jahnavi Sharma has a won 2015-2016 IBM PhD Fellowship!

Jin, Jeffrey and Tolga’s paper accepted for publication at ISSCC 2015!

45GHz PAs Delivered to Northrop Grumman for insertion into a SATCOM LCT

CoSMIC Lab Research Selected for 2014 DARPA MTO Exposition Presentation

Prof. Krishnaswamy wins a 2014 IBM Faculty Award

DARPA Publishes Review Paper in IEEE Microwave Magazine

2014 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

CoSMIC Lab receives funding from the DARPA ACT program

Prof. Krishnaswamy presents at the mm-Wave Forum at ISSCC 2014

ISSCC 2014 Noise-canceling Self-interference Canceling (NC-SIC) Receiver

Three papers have been accepted to the 2014 RFIC Symposium

Jin’s paper is accepted for publication at ISSCC 2014! Congratulations Jin!

Linxiao Zhang receives an EE MS Award of Excellence

DARPA issues a press release on Anandaroop and Ritesh’s watt-class Q-band SOI CMOS world record power amplifier

Anandaroop has won the 2013 IEEE MTT-S Graduate Fellowship

Ritesh and Anandaroop’s paper accepted to 2013 RFIC Symposium

Anandaroop’s paper is accepted to the IMS 2013

Tolga Dinc and Jin Zhou join CoSMIC lab as PhD students

CoSMIC Lab receives funding from DARPA RF FPGA program

Akshay Shah wins MTTS 2012 Undergraduate-Pregraduate (BS/MS) scholarship

Two papers are accepted to 2012 IEEE CSICS

Prof. Krishnaswamy presents at RFIC workshop

Anandaroop’s paper on record output power mmWave PA accepted to the 2012 CICC

Linxiao Zhang joins CoSMIC lab as a PhD student

Ritesh Bhat receives an EE MS Award of Excellence

CoSMIC lab receives funding from NSF on integrated terahertz spectroscopy of bio-molecules

Jahnavi Sharma’s paper is accepted to IMS 2012

Anandaroop Chakrabarti’s paper accepted to ISCAS 2012

large research on broadband linear RF front-ends funded by DARPA CLASIC program

Jeffrey Chuang joined the lab as a PhD student

Prof. Krishnaswamy receives a 2011 DARPA Young Faculty Award

Ritesh Bhat joined the lab as a PhD student.

Anandaroop Chakrabarti and Johnny Chen joined the lab as PhD students.

large research on high-power PAs and transmitters funded by DARPA ELASTx program.

Prof. Krishnaswamy will present a paper at ISSCC 2010.

Jahnavi Sharma joined the lab as its first PhD student

‘Best Thesis’ in Experimental Research Category Awarded to Prof. Krishnaswamy