Jin’s ISSCC 2014 paper on a noise-canceling self-interference canceling (NC-SIC) receiver is highlighted in the ISSCC press kit. To quote the press kit, “New wireless standards need to support full-duplex wireless communication across multiple frequency bands. New solutions are needed to satisfy the wireless standard requirements in a small-form-factor, low-cost platform. Paper [20.6] describes a sophisticated low-noise active TX leakage cancellation technique that enables FDD/co-existence in software defined radios. In Paper [20.6], the 65nm CMOS chip can cancel up to +2dBm peak transmit leakage at the receiver input, enabling an effective IIP3 of +30dBm (enhancement of 18dB) with an associated increase in NF of < 0.5dB.  The software-defined radio CMOS chip, with transmit-leakage canceller, enables multi-band, low-cost, low-power, compact mobile devices that can support time- and frequency-division duplexing.” (link)