Jin and Tolga are selected to present their research at the Bell Labs Nobel Prize celebration.
“Bell Labs will conduct its first U.S. Future X Days along with the 8th Nobel Prize celebration at their headquarters in New Jersey on April 7-8.  This event will offer an ‘insider view’ of some of Bell Labs most exciting research projects through first-hand demos and an opportunity to meet the Bell Labs researchers who are making it happen.  We will celebrate Bell Labs’ 8th Nobel Prize with a talk from Eric Betzig (2014 Chemistry Nobel Laureate) and the grand opening of the Nobel laureate garden. 10 students with the most interesting research areas will be invited to Murray Hill, NJ on April 7-8 to present their research, participate in Bell Labs tours highlighting Future X Demos, and attend a private dinner with the Bell Labs Nobel laureates and senior management.  The best research presentation will receive an award. On April 8, the students will be invited to the Nobel Prize research colloquium and celebration. Travel and lodging expenses will be covered by Bell Labs.”