Prof. Harish Krishnaswamy’s seminar on Transformative RF/mm-Wave Circuits, Wireless Systems and Sensing Paradigms as a part of NYU Wireless & ECE Special Seminar Series.
Aravind Nagulu from Columbia University explains why wireless systems that simultaneously transmit and receive are gaining popularity over conventional interfaces. Nagulu goes into technical detail of the Fully-Integrated Non-Magnetic 180nm SOI Circulator with >1W P1dB and high isolation across 1.85VSWR specifications.
Prof. Krishnaswamy describes a novel technique to achieve high-frequency non-reciprocity based on synchronized conductivity modulation and the world’s first mmWave CMOS passive non-reciprocal circulator. ​
Prof. Krishnaswamy and Negar Reiskarimian describe CoSMIC lab’s recent breakthrough in achieving non-reciprocity and the first passive non-reciprocal circulator on a CMOS IC.
CoSMIC lab demonstrates a wireless imaging system using Linxiao’s MIMO receiver array IC with spatial notch suppression.
CoSMIC Lab demonstrates the world’s first mm-Wave same-channel full-duplex wireless link using Tolga’s 60GHz 45nm SOI CMOS full-duplex transceiver IC.

CoSMIC lab’s packaged 45GHz 45nm SOI CMOS ELASTx Class-E PA replaces a GaAs PA in a Northrop Grumman SATCOM LCT demo.