Current Research

  •   Breaking Lorentz Reciprocity

  •   Massive MIMO Wireless

  •   Full Duplex Wireless

  •   Optoelectronic systems for LIDAR and Sensing

  •   Efficient-yet-Linear High-Power mm-Wave CMOS Transmitters

  •   Interference Mitigation in Reconfigurable RF Transceivers

  •   Field-programmable Waveform-Adaptive Digital RF PAs and Transmitters

Prior Work

  •   High-Quality Silicon-based Resonators

  •   Ultra-wideband True-Time-Delay Beamforming

  •   Multiple-Antenna Systems based on Nonlinear Multifunctional Circuits

  •   Sub-mmWave Circuits and Systems in CMOS

  •   Broadband Linear RF Front-Ends for Cognitive Radio

  •   Communication-inspired RADAR and Imaging Systems