“Congratulations to Negar, Mohammad, Aravind, Sohail, Ali and Armagan for having their papers accepted to ISSCC.

Aravind Nagulu, Tingjun Chen, G. Zussman and Harish Krishnaswamy, “Non-Magnetic 180nm SOI Circulator with Multi-Watt Power Handling Based on Switched Capacitor Clock Boosting,” to appear in IEEE ISSCC 2020.

Mohammad Khorshidian, Negar Reiskarimian and Harish Krishnaswamy, “High-Performance Isolators and Notch Filters Based on N-Path Negative Transresistance” to appear in IEEE ISSCC 2020.

R. Garg, G. Sharma, A. Binaie, S. Jain, S. Ahasan, A. Dascurcu, H. Krishnaswamy, A. Natarajan “A 28GHz 4-element MIMO Beam-space Array in 65nm CMOS with Simultaneous Spatial Filtering and Single wire Frequency-Domain Multiplexing” to appear in IEEE ISSCC 2020.