Located on the 12th floor of the Mudd building (MUDD 1226, 1226A and 1226B), the CoSMIC lab consists of approximately 1000 square feet of laboratory space dedicated to the experimental characterization of electronic and optical devices, circuits and systems. Experimental capability includes vector network analysis till 65GHz, direct spectrum analysis till 50GHz (extendable to 325GHz through the use of low-loss sub-harmonic downconverters), direct signal generation capability till 70GHz (extendable till 325GHz through the use of active multiplier chains), and calorimetric power detection through 2THz. ICs are measured both in probed and packaged scenarios, the former being accomplished through the use of a millimeter-wave probe station and various RF and millimeter-wave probes extending till 325GHz. In-house wirebonding capability is available for packaging, and a student-constructed mini-anechoic chamber operating above 5GHz is present for wireless testing. CoSMIC lab also features a complete array of measurement equipment for the characterization of optical devices and systems.